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Market Intelligence

Be fully informed with our range of global market intelligence reports, ensuring you have valuable insights from across the offshore industry.

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Market Intelligence Service

Global CTV Availability Report

This fortnightly report updates clients on the availability of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) across the three key offshore renewables regions – the US, North Sea/Baltic and Taiwan. This report encompasses the average availability and market rates we receive from requirements which are collated at the end of every month.

Currently, CTV availability within all markets is extremely tight, particularly in Taiwan, meaning for these emerging offshore renewables markets, our sector expertise adds significant value to our clients’ procurement process.

Market Intelligence Service

North Sea & Baltic Survey Vessel Availability Report

This monthly report updates our clients on the work schedule of survey vessels operating within the region. The report encompasses both DP and Non-DP vessels, sharing their key specifications and highlighting when and where the vessels will next be available. Providing this information ensures our clients optimise efficiency and minimise risk when planning projects. The report also contains historic data, allowing for the market to be closely tracked and for availability trends to be easily identified.

Currently, availability for survey vessels in the North Sea & Baltic is very tight, meaning our report’s value in unlocking cost-effective vessel solutions today is paramount.

Market Intelligence Service

Walk To Work & SOV Market Report

This monthly report provides our clients with extensive insight into vessel availability and an up-to-date market overview covering latest fixtures, news and vessel daily rates for this ever growing space.

The overview covers the entire spot Walk to Work (W2W) and term SOV markets and is a highly valued tool for charterers, enabling them to unlock their project planning and help mitigate risk. As with most vessel markets, the availability of W2W in the North Sea remains extremely tight, but we remain at the forefront of the market to provide our clients with the most effective vessel solution on both a technical and commercial level. Our W2W/SOV report demonstrates our expertise in this field and is highly valued by charterers and owners alike.

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